SWKR Dan Grading

Members of the SWKR have the possibility to take a Dan exam (up to the 3rd Dan) in Switzerland, which is recognised by the Japan Wadokai (Headquarter Tokyo). An extended examining board can conduct Dan exams up to the 5th Dan.

SWKR Examining Board

  • Roberto Danubio 
    7th Dan Japan Wadokai / 2nd Kyu Examiner Japan Wadokai
  • Alessandro Danubio
    6th Dan Japan Wadokai / 2nd Kyu Examiner Japan Wadokai
  • Rolf Wirth
    5th Dan Japan Wadokai / 2rd Kyu Examiner Japan Wadokai
  • Eveline Danubio
    5th Dan Japan Wadokai / 2nd Kyu Examiner Japan Wadokai
  • Benito Benitez
    4th Dan Japan Wadokai / 3rd Kyu Examiner Japan Wadokai

SWKR Points System and Waiting Time

The SWKR has established a points system in 2010. For a Dan grading a certain number of points is required. The number of points varies according to the Dan grade. For the number of required points see the table below. Admission to a Dan exam is only given if the candidate has achieved the required number of points. For that reason the SWKR will hand out point cards to the heads of the SWKR dojos. Yet it is the candidate’s responsibility to update the point card. If a wrong entry is made deliberately the SWKR can expel the candidate.




Training Central Dojo (Weinfelden)


Training SWKR Examining Board


Dan Preparatory Training


Wadoseminar 1 Day


Wadoseminar 2 Days


Camps up to 5 Days


Requirements for Dan Grading


Waiting Time min.

Points required


Für 1. Dan

12 months


Min. age 13 years

Für 2. Dan

2 years


Für 3. Dan

3 years


Für 4. Dan

4 years


The waiting time is the time between the Dan exams. After a successful exam the points decay and the scoring starts from zero.

An active participation at all SWKR events for or after an exam is expected from all Dan holders.

An application for SWKR Dan grading is only available from the Dojo’s head.

SWKR Dan holders