JKF Wado-Kai Master Seminar Exams

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JKF - Wadomasterseminar Information about the examination fees and contents

At the master seminar, JKF Dan examinations up to 6th Dan can be taken, as well as instructor examinations up to 3rd Kyu.
The examinations will take place after the training on Saturday and Sunday. Participation in the training course is compulsory for an examination.

The registration for the exams has expired. New registrations are no more possible.

Examination programm

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Fees Dan Examination
- from 1st to 5th Dan CHF 60.00
- 6th Dan CHF 100.00
JKF Dan Registration 
- 1st to 3rd Dan CHF 100.00
- 4rd Dan CHF 150.00
- 5th Dan CHF 250.00
- 6th Dan CHF 400.00
Fees Instructor Exam 
- 3. Kyu CHF 50.00
JKF Instructor Registration
- 3. Kyu CHF 100.00

Fees in Cash | only in Swiss Francs CHF payable!!!  Registration deadline 1st August 2023